Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Having Fun in Houston

We had the honor of shooting Sarah and Jeff's wedding in Houston, TX at Ashton Gardens. This was a beautiful venue, full of large windows letting in some beautiful light. Both Sarah and Jeff were so much fun to shoot. I will be designing this happy couple's album once they're back from their honeymoon. I will be sure to share it once its completed.


Sean said...

Your blog is awesome. Those are some great photos!

Aggie-Jill said...

Dave, what a small world. My sister (Paula) is one of Sarah's best friends. Paula and my mother were at that wedding, I couldn't make it. The photos are absolutely beautiful.

Your most recent post about Ava lead me here. Congratulations on finally bringing her home, Nathan and I are so happy for you!

Best Wishes,


Dyllis said...

This is great info to know.